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The Odds and Evens of Foldable Smartphones

For years now, we have all been hearing about the arrival of the ultimate foldable smartphone. The phone would pack in all the goodness of the flagship devices coupled with a beautiful, slightly snobbish foldable feature. In a day and age where every smartphone looks like a copy of another, a foldable device will be a novelty, bordering a collectible.

Samsung, Korean Electronics Company has been linked with the creation of such a phone and every year, we feel that a launch will happen anytime soon. However, it never happens. All the leaks, the prototypes, and the pictures we have seen till date haven’t given birth to a real working phone. As a result of this, people have almost started giving up on the idea. Samsung, on the other hand, still doesn’t want to let go of its dream. There is still a possibility of such a phone entering our pockets soon and it could be quite a joyride.

People are excited that a foldable phone would bring back the memories of the flip phone, a favorite amongst the people who first adapted to mobile devices when a flood of companies launched their wonderful, unique devices to the world. Another important thing to note about a smartphone that folds is that it could be a status symbol. It could be something that differentiates people from one another.

When it comes to design, a foldable smartphone is nothing short of rocket science. These days, the screen of a device is the most important feature in its construction. Curving a screen and bending it for regular use is a herculean task. There could only be two ways in which it can be achieved. First, the phone’s screen will have to be made with something softer, foldable, and yet strong- maybe like a strong grade plastic. The second option is to create a foldable phone that comes with at least some rigid elements, like hinges.

In either case, creating a durable design will be a huge problem. The phone will have to be waterproof and must be quite resistant to damage. With its unique design, especially if it comes with hinges, a drop could mean devastation for the user. In addition to this, there could be some software issues as well. If the phone has two screens connected via a hinge, how will programs open in both screens? What will be the video watching experience? How will it be possible to play games?

In addition to this, the manufacturers will also have to define what material could be used to make this phone durable. Finally, when all is said and done, the manufacturers will have to focus on the OS, the battery, the camera, the video quality, processor size and more. Overall, simply designing a foldable phone and even creating a small prototype will be a huge achievement for any tech company. If Samsung finally does it, it could be creating the ‘next big thing in tech’ and might even trespass the entire industry in sales.

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