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Google Has A New Small and Portable Security Device

The technology giant Google has a new security device and it will help you in maintaining two-factor authentication possible. Known as the Titan Security Key, this small USB-like device can help a device verify that the person logging in, is indeed you. Text messages with codes have become the most redundant and unsafe methods of sending verification information to people. Therefore, it would be worthwhile for users to switch to something more secure.

The device isn’t available to the general public. Google says that it could be out in the market “soon,” but didn’t specify how soon that would be. For people who haven’t given a thought to securing their accounts yet, this serves as a reminder to get started on the important work right away. It will help in keeping your info private and also help you stay away from prying eyes that could be setting up to steal your money or worse, your identity. For more information on similar subjects, see dark net markets for the latest dark web news.

It is important to note that a huge number of cases of cybercrimes happen because people have weak passwords or do not have two-factor authentication activated for their accounts. Though such protection doesn’t guarantee your safety, in a world where cybercriminals can quickly access your passcodes, making it slightly difficult for them to get your data can be a prudent step. You don’t even need a code for that. Google already has an authenticator app that lets you receive two-factor authentication codes, which are time-restricted, to login to any service of your choice (of course the ones that support this authentication method).

If you believe that receiving a code by text is a good way to secure your account, you are wrong. It is, in fact, the weakest security you could get online these days. SMS usually relies on an unsecured network to send you sensitive information. It could be easy for hackers to track the website you visit, get an authentication code for a purchase, and even delete the message before you know it. Remember, an SMS was never designed to provide you high-end security. Attackers even pose as you, get your messages transferred to a new phone and upon receiving a bit more information about you, authenticate purchases etc. without you knowing.

Using the Google Authenticator app can be of great help in this scenario as it could be very helpful in maintaining advanced security of your passcodes. Of course, the advent of this small gadget in the market will change the security ecosystem of the world forever because it is very difficult to circumvent a physical security token that is unique to each account and individual.

Even if a remote hacker somehow gets information of your username and password, they will have to get your physical security key to get into your account. If they start the other way around and get the key first (i.e. when it is lost or stolen), the thief will never know what to do with the key as he will not know who it belongs to.

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