Chaotic Geek


Hi everyone,

My name is Amy and welcome to Chaotic Geek. As you can probably tell, I’m referring to myself when I say ‘chaotic geek’ because that is exactly what I am.

Like many others in the tech world, my mind runs at 100 miles per hour and it makes the rest of my life a little bit of a madhouse. I’m a mum to two boys under two and wife to Sebastian.

Life in our world is hectic to say the least, we’re always rushing, can never find our keys and there is always food down someone’s shirt.

I work as an IT manager for a big TV station in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. We relocated about 6 months ago for this new job so we’re still getting used to life this side of the north/south UK divide.

We moved from Cornwall which is south England as it really was picture-perfect, albeit a little quite. I have always lived in big cities so moving to Cornwall was a bit of a shock to the system. I moved there for work and its where I met my now-husband 7 years ago. We called it home and raised our two boys there but there was something missing and city life was calling us back.

Many want the serene landscapes of Cornwall, especially with children but in terms of work and opportunities, it just wasn’t right for us and so when I saw a job advertised, we went for it full force.

Chaotic Geek was born only 18 months ago when I wanted to put all of my technology knowledge to good use. Being a mum and working in IT is a little unusual but I wanted to share my life as a mum and a techy in one place.

On Chaotic Geek you’ll find a range of content, from IT tips to experiences with some family and children issues thrown in there too. Life is mad and we’re just going along with it as best as we can – and I’d love for you to join me.

My husband Sebastian also works in IT so together we’re a bit tech-mad, we always have the very latest gadgets and the dinner conservation is almost always about technology news.

We’re not like many other families and for that I’m pleased, no one likes boring and our family certainly isn’t borning.

Since launching, Chaotic Geek has become an online escape and help centre for women, and men, all over the UK. We chat about technology and It all the way through to technology for kids. Whatever the topic, we’ve probably covered it.

I’d love to hear from you so if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to head over to our contact us page.