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How Will The Internet Of Things Change Our Lives?

Everybody who keeps an eye on technology has heard about the Internet of Things, also known as IoT. Tech companies know that the future lies in smart devices that go beyond your typical smartphones and tablets. In the near future, it will be all about microwaves that can decide how long it takes for a muffin to cook and air conditioners that sense how cooling is to be controlled if the number of people in a room increases.

The craze of this technology is taking over every tech company these days. In fact, there is even a dedicated blockchain and cryptocurrency called IOTA that has been designed for smart machines that can interact with each other. Now, you can imagine seeing a recipe online and sending it directly to your oven for baking. There could be several customizations of these recipes too.

Overall, you will enter a future where devices can hear your voice, obey your commands, and understand that they must go to sleep when you are not in the house. The security of your house could be made more robust using these devices too.

However, we must note that IoT is not just about home appliances. Google, the technology giant, has already worked on contact lenses that could easily detect diabetes in patients. This technology could mean having saying goodbye to painful blood tests that diabetics have to go through regularly.

Your medical tests could be done and reported directly to your doctor, without any lags in between. You can wear small skin patches that can continuously monitor your blood pressure, pulse and even sugar level and can notify you whenever things look awry. You will always be able to monitor your health perfectly.

This is not all, IoT can change workplaces forever. People can create timesheets like pros, manage attendance and leaves and much more simply by using smart devices that understand user behavior. Imagine if such machines could be used in the health insurance sector. It could revolutionize American healthcare forever.

Unlike a few other futuristic technologies, much work has already been done in the IoT sector. Overall, these smart devices will not only help in making our lives and work easier but would also ensure the creation of thousands of new jobs. The huge volumes of data that these devices will generate can be used to create customized products for users, serve them niche based advertising and help everyone get rid of the annoying ads that do not serve a purpose.

More data scientists will be needed for completing this job which will enhance the dominance of a brand, businesses, or an entire economy in the world. Overall, the future that we all have envisioned and witnessed in sci-fi movies could come alive by using the Internet of Things. The good news is that the first generation of these appliances and devices have already started making their presence felt around us. Check out any idea for smart homes and you will know how.

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