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Has Oppo Created The Next-Gen Smartphone?

Since the very first time we heard about Find X, it was clear that Oppo had a trendsetting phone in the store.  After lots of debates and discussions about the worthiness of this product, we finally have arrived at its launch. 

The whole idea of crazy designs and over the top functions has always gained huge attention, and same is the case with the new Oppo venture.  With Find X, the Chinese consumer electronics company has placed its competition against Apple’s flagship X.

Camera update

The pop-up mechanism reveals a lot about the bold and beautiful artwork used in this smartphone’s production. Sensors and motors have made the use of camera an actual spectacle to watch out for. It’s not just about the hardware as the AI has also been upgraded.

With apertures of f/2.0 both the cameras, 16 and 20 megapixels, are optically stabilized. While clicking pictures, the AI works to recognize objects within the frame to adjust settings accordingly. But, the phone has still to perform on every buzzword surrounding its camera quality.


The Chinese company has often been criticized for using mid-range processors to keep the costs down.  This time, the company has gone with Snapdragon 845 with a much needed 8GB RAM. Technically, the phone should be amazingly fast until the software does not crumble down.

Initial testing did show that games loaded quickly and functioned smoothly.  The battery has been booted with a 3,730mAh credential to boast about. Battery life is quite promising, and the charging speed also surprises listing it among the fastest charging phones around.


The consistent talk about its humongous screen size is rooted in reality. The Find X has 93.8 percent of the 6.4-inch model in nothing but pure screen. The front-facing camera makes taking selfies a lot more interesting and works as an intelligent buy for the show-offs. On the other hand, the whole motion of front camera sliding up and down is relatively quick and smooth too.

But, the mechanism seems a bit fragile, and longevity is questionable. Oppo claims that the cameras have been tested to function for at least 300,000 actuations which sounds too good to be true right now. Again, it might collect dust and harm the lens with accelerated chances of getting wet.

The sides are curved enough to touch the metal edges that make the product more shiny and polished. Glass finishing is another accolade that is sensitive to lighting and changes color automatically.

Face recognition

Although there is no fingerprint scanner, Oppo has come with face recognition technology of its own.  The user’s face is tracked by the numerous depth and IR scanners that create a 3D model for recognition. It can scan 15000 different data points to authenticate a user making it a promising option for payments and purchases.

Thus, Find X becomes a new reality for Oppo and a lot of people interested in something different than an iPhone. As of now, you can just wait for the official release and try it for yourself.

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