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What’s on My Desk- a Beautiful Planter

While working in an office, all you see on your desk are computers and files and some papers lying here and there. I like neat office desks, and I always try to keep the space as tidy as possible. Apart from my computer, I have kept a beautiful clock on my desk, that I purchased from retailer Furniture at Work, and a pen holder to keep all my stationery in place. The gem of this arrangement is my baby spider plant which makes my desk look truly stunning. Here is the awesome #MyDeskStory

Keeping plants around me is important because it helps me in focusing much better and feeling at one with nature. It also reminds me of my mother, who had created a beautiful garden in our backyard and always made sure that the home is full of nature’s most beautiful beings- plants. The spider plant was her favorite, and she always kept one at the window in the kitchen.

I have kept mine in a small white square pot that I got from a local store. The plant only needs a little water and thrives in low light as well. The good news is that I can forget to water it sometimes and it works just fine for me. Some other plants need regular watering, but as an accountant, I often forget doing it while crunching the numbers. Spider plants can survive without water for days.

The plant I have a beautiful green and yellow variegated variety. I sometimes go all the way to an airy region in the office where there is some sunlight and leave the plant there for a couple of hours every week. This ensures that the plant remains healthy and doesn’t catch any diseases or bugs. Trust me, the worst thing in the world is to have a dying plant on your desk.

Spider plants are quite hardy, and some people call them air purifying plants as well. Though I am not sure of the air purifying qualities, all I can say is that they add some much-needed color and natural charm to my otherwise boring office desk. The white and pastel color scheme of my office has really come alive, thanks to this plant.

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