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What Is the Best Bike for Geeks?

You know everything about bikes, you love the comfort and freedom of riding a bicycle on city streets and tall mountains. You are the true geek- nobody knows bikes and biking culture like you do. But it takes more than just the plain knowledge of bikes to buy the best ride for your needs. Today, we will discuss more about the best bikes on the market that provide you the bang for your buck and give you a smooth and comfortable ride as well. You will find more to read on this page.

Why hybrid bikes are the best?

Hybrid bikes give you the best of both worlds- the convenience of going around the city unhindered and the comfort of going on weekend excursions. These bikes come with reliable structures, comfy seats and ensure that your body doesn’t ache or feel numb at the end of the day. They are made for the avid biker in you, who would like to take their two-wheeler friends to office, to run errands, meet friends and even for their regular cycling adventures out of town. Clearly, not other product can provide the versatility of these hybrid bikes.

Which bikes can you buy?

Diamondback Clarity ST Women’s

If you are looking for strikingly colorful option, then the Diamondback Clarity ST Women’s hybrid bike is perfect for you. It comes with 32c wide tires, which add more stability for the riders and helps you remain comfortable while riding on pavements. The bike comes with a high-quality aluminum frame and provides 21 speeds which could take you anywhere in the city and out however you please. If you like riding bikes every day, then this option is great for you. Of course, this bike is for women and you would love to gift it to your friend or wife.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s hybrid bike

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s hybrid bike is both comfortable and modern. It will give you the ease of leisurely moving across the city and cruising around country roads. The 26” wheels guarantee a smooth ride, regardless of the surface you are riding on. The 7-speed hub is ideal of pedaling long distances without numbness or discomfort. Moreover, its all black look makes it look like an absolute beast. If you are a fan of the classics, you would like the upright sitting position of the bicycle. It is durable, strong and offers more comfort than an ordinary leisure bike you will find on the market.

Though there are plenty of other options, we found these two to fit a wide variety of needs and fit within your budget. Both bikes cost less than $500 and help you save up while fulfilling your biking dreams. For the price of one electric scooter, you can get two hybrid bicycles that look cool, help you stay fit and fuel your passion to move freely around town. No more waiting time, no red lights and clogged up traffics. Just pick up your bike and cycle along the pavements.

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