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Augmented Reality and Its Application in the Real World

What if people create their own world? What if they attain the power of appearing at places through air signals? It does sound like a child’s dream, but AR has come to make these thoughts a reality. If you are still not able to grasp this information, then it’s too late for you to enter the new world.


AR has a huge market when talked about entertainment and fun. It can and has been used by major companies to increase interaction with consumers. Numerous AR dedicated apps are running on both Android and iOS-based products. The technology is being widely used in the gaming industry due to its ability to make things seem more real and relatable.

Again, many movies and music videos are spreading the technology like never before. Just imagine surviving in a city full of zombies ready to eat you for fun. That’s the kind of environment AR creates.


AR applications have changed the way medical students trained before becoming a professional. It helps them to practice in AR environments with lifelike characters and operate on a more real platform compared to traditional methods. Moreover, the technology can help in critical cases like accidents and complicated surgeries. Some apps are used to detect the vein network of patients for better treatment.  Human models and tools can be developed to choose the best method for therapy of a specific case.

Thus, healthcare is being and will be changed forever just because of AR’s application in day to day functions.


AR is being successfully applied in cosmetic surgeries allowing doctors to magically beautify a person better than ever. They can try numerous looks of a body part that has to be transformed for making the most accurate decision possible. It not only assures a customer and boosts sales but also make the whole process much comforting. Talking of marketing, we now have augmented reality watches that can be worn to try out different looks, proposed by none other than Rolex. The luxury watchmaker has become the first mover to implement AR technology for changing consumer experience.


One of the most inspiring AR applications occurred through Gatwick airport passenger app when it used the technology creatively. The passengers are able to navigate through terminals using the app while being guided by the AR map. Such apps can be used in almost all the public places like railway stations and marketplaces to commute in places you have never been before perfectly.


AR can be used to create 3D models of buildings allowing engineers to frame out complexities of the project and apply solutions before they encounter the issue in real life. It saves a lot of time, energy, and money which is then used to create a better product. Furthermore, AR models will also help the government to build earthquake-resistant homes especially in places prone to natural calamities.

The whole matter can be concluded by stating that AR is here to stay and change things for good. It can become a failure only if the world forgets one of its greatest discoveries which is not expected whatsoever.

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